Spatial visualization as the strongest spatial reasoning autistic student


    Lingga Nico Pradana




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Pradana, L. N. (2023). Spatial visualization as the strongest spatial reasoning autistic student. International Journal of Special Education, 38(2), 26–33.


Abstract spatial reasoning is the strongest reasoning of autistic students. In this study, we want to identify the spatial reasoning of autistic students based on the categories of spatial reasoning (spatial visualization, mental rotation, and spatial orientation) and level of reasoning (abstract and concrete). A total of 46 autistic students and 46 non-autistic students participated as subjects. All subjects were given 6 types of spatial reasoning tests which included all three categories and levels of spatial reasoning. The results that autistic students have an advantage in the abstract spatial visualization category while non-autistic students have an advantage in the concrete spatial visualization category. These results indicate specifically that abstract spatial visualization is the strongest spatial reasoning possessed by autistic students. Thus, this study provides a new picture of students' spatial reasoning ability in terms of the reasoning category and the level of reasoning.


spatial reasoning, spatial visualization, mental rotation, spatial orientation, level of reasoning, autism


IJSE Vol 38, No: 2, 2023

Volume 38, Number: 2, Year 2023 of International Journal of Special Education