Caregiver Implemented Dialogic Reading: Impact on Children with and without Autism in Brazil


    Katia Fabiane Müller , Débora Regina Paula Nunes , Carlo Schmidt




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Müller, K. F., Paula Nunes, D. R., & Schmidt, C. (2023). Caregiver Implemented Dialogic Reading: Impact on Children with and without Autism in Brazil. International Journal of Special Education, 38(1), 47–57.


There is evidence about the effectiveness of using caregiver implemented, shared book reading protocols for mitigating language and literacy deficits in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). In Brazil, studies of this nature are scarce, but essential for identifying successful early intervention practices for a population that has significantly grown in the last three decades. The aim of this investigation was to evaluate the effects of RECALL (Reading to Engage Children with Autism in Language and Learning) an intervention protocol that employs dialogic reading principles on the language and literacy skills of a 3-year-old child with ASD and a 4-year-old typically developing peer. Using a quasi-experimental intra-subject research design, the effects of RECALL, employed by mothers, on their children's responses were evaluated. The results revealed that: (a) average effect size for strategy use following caregiver training was large for the mother of the child with ASD (Tau-U = 0,7) and moderate for the mother of the typically developing child (Tau-U = 0,5) ; (b) both children became more responsive, significantly increasing the frequency of communication interactions following caregiver intervention (Tau-U = 1); (d) the child with typical development showed an increase in the frequency of correct and spontaneous responses; and (c) the intervention was positively evaluated by the caregivers. Adaptations of the protocol, as well as its limitations are discussed.


dialogic reading, Autism Spectrum Disorders, caregiver-implemented, language, literacy


IJSE Vol 38, No: 1, 2023

Volume 38, Number: 1, Year 2023 of International Journal of Special Education