A curriculum for students with intellectual disabilities in Jordan


    Eman K. Al-Zboon





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Al-Zboon, E. K. (2021). A curriculum for students with intellectual disabilities in Jordan. International Journal of Special Education, 36(1), 59–68. https://doi.org/10.52291/ijse.2021.36.6


This qualitative study describes the status of the curriculum for students with intellectual disabilities (SWID) in Jordan, from their teachers’ perspectives and from field observations. Research data were analysed using content analysis methodology. These qualitative data were gained by interviews with 54 teachers and by field observations of classes of SWID. Data analysis revealed five major themes: teachers’ perceptions of curriculum areas, teachers’ perceptions of curriculum characteristics, levels of teacher professional competence and training needs and teachers’ perceptions of problems of curriculum implementation and curriculum components. The study concludes that there is widespread confusion regarding the curriculum for SWID; genuine problems in access to the general curriculum for SWID; problems in SWID preparation for inclusion; and low expectations regarding SWID. Recommendations are provided regarding the importance of enhancing the SWID curriculum, and of improving teachers’ professionalism and practices.


curriculum, intellectual disabilities, special education, teachers


Volume 36, Number: 1, Year 2021 of International Journal of Special Education