Paradigm as a Critical Analysis Tool in Education/Special Education


    Amadeusz Krause




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Krause, A. (2021). Paradigm as a Critical Analysis Tool in Education/Special Education. International Journal of Special Education, 36(1), 49–58.


Familiarity with the concept and the essence of a paradigm allows for analysing a text and assessing the research intention of its author. In this mode, one can trace the correctness of theoretical and conceptual deduction in publications, the mode of combining paradigms by other researchers, including unauthorised borrowings and interpretations. Such knowledge is also necessary to plan research projects. The text draws attention to the problem of incommensurability of paradigms, errors in their application and difficulties with interpreting publications devoid of paradigmatic declarations. The author of the paper highlights the modes and risks of using several years of theoretical achievements of education and special education.


paradigm, paradigmatic awareness, knowledge construction, critical text analysis


Volume 36, Number: 1, Year 2021 of International Journal of Special Education