Prepositional Phrases in Deaf and Hearing Students’ Narratives: A Functional Perspective


    Marsandi Manar , Dadang Sudana , Iwa Lukmana




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Manar, M., Sudana, D., & Lukmana, I. (2023). Prepositional Phrases in Deaf and Hearing Students’ Narratives: A Functional Perspective. International Journal of Special Education, 38(1), 90–101.


Comprehending the linguistic features of deaf student writers in comparison to those of the hearing group at the further phase helps in providing pedagogical treatment for mitigating the linguistic gap between both.   In line with this idealism, the present study aims to reveal the phenomena of prepositional phrase positions and patterns of deaf and hearing students in representing the circumstances of their real-life narratives. Four stories about being chased by a dog were elicited from each of the groups. The analysis was carried out by employing the table adapted from the experiential framework of Halliday and Matthiessen (2004). The findings in general reveal the less flexible positions of prepositional phrases and the less complex prepositional phrase patterns of the deaf group. Though the results of this study might not be absolutely conclusive, at least they portray the insight into the certain tendency between both groups of students in representing the circumstances for their meaning making of narratives. At the further phase, the findings of the present study are expected to provide benefits for language teachers and practitioners in the context of special education especially the case of deafness.


prepositional phrases, deaf, hearing, narrative


IJSE Vol 38, No: 1, 2023

Volume 38, Number: 1, Year 2023 of International Journal of Special Education