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Dr. Sally Rogow

has worked in the field of Special Education for many years. She developed and directed a preparation program for resource teachers working with students who are blind, visually impaired and /or multiply disabled at the University of British Columbia. She has written books and articles on language and social development, literacy and play. Currently she is director of "The Person Within", a project designed to prevent abuse and neglect of children and young people with disabilities.

She is the author of books and articles on the development of language, communication and literacy. The guiding philosophy of this site is a strong belief in the power of supportive environments to enable all children and young people to reach their full potential. Disability may be a characteristic but it cannot be allowed to be a determinant in the lives of children.

Born in New York City, Sally Rogow received a BA (University of Wisconsin) an MA in Anthropology (Columbia University). She attended Bank Street College to become a teacher and earned an MA ( Michigan State University) and an Ed.D. in Special Education (University of British Columbia)

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Dr. Marg Csapo

B.A., B.Ed. and M.ED. from the University of Toronto
M.A. from the University of San Carlos
Ph.D. from the University of Kansas

has worked at the University of British Columbia, in the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education as a professor. Her areas of interest are behaviour disorders, emotional disturbances, special education in general as it relates to promoting appropriate education for all children and finding approaches which produce effective learning.

She has promoted special education in several African and South East Asian countries, taught special educators in Nigeria and Brunei Darussalam in degree courses in addition to conducting workshops, seminars, conferences in several countries.

She is the editor of the International Journal of Special Education, former editor of the Canadian Journal of Special Education and the BC Journal of Special Education. She was president and past-president of the International Association of Special Education. Also she has authored several books, written chapters, numerous articles in refereed journal, and national and provincial reports in the area of special education.

Dr. Csapo is a member of the BC College of Psychologists and the International Association of Psychologists. Her interest in research in various areas of special education, in working with children, parents and teachers led to various projects in Canada as well as abroad.



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